Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fatty Betty

    Hey... i m backed ... long time no blogging and blog visit ...i still fatty but i am BBW ...Big Beautiful Women  ... (have to love myself ) .Is ok as long i am healthy ...pretty .. some skinny o slim they won figure appearance but lose on looks . GOD is fair ..

Too bad too when heard those ugly skinny said  my size is ugly ...huh (excuse me ... i am fat but i not ugly lol) this situation really hurt ...)But i think positive ...(maybe she jealous i m pretty than her ....made myself happy )

 But being fatty is weakness tooo ...every time my slim and diet plan failed ... I don't want be fatty forever  too :( ...   I won't give up ... i want get what ever i want ....THis Is ME.... Think +TIVE that is me ...
She is my best friend .love her so much

                  This photos .. taken last year end of dec ... i looks fatty  because side effect slimming pills . once you stop slimming pills .. you will gained dozen size T.T  

                  When skinny met fatty .. haha she  is innocent girl :)

        Working  and working ... make money ... shopping travel and work

    thanks GOD my cheong sam can fit me ... everyone praise me haha ... diet two weeks and with help of my diet pils ..  but now gained again (photos taken march ) I will wear you again P:)

                     FATTY BUDDY WE WORK HARD TOGETHER ... LOSE WEIGHT...HEALTHY ... HANDSOME AND PRETTY ...don't ;let them bully us again 

                                                     Dubai i am coming Dream i am coming :)

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA

                                       Since so many positive review about this product . So I will gave a try  Visibly Targets Hyperpigment...