Saturday, July 28, 2018

Tamizh Padam 2

   Tamizh Padam 2 (Tamil Film 2) is a 2018 Indian Tamil language parody film, written and directed by C. S. Amudhan, and produced by S. Sashikanth. A sequel to Thamizh Padam (2010), the film stars Shiva ,Disha Pandey and Iswarya Menon with music composed by Kannan and cinematography by Gopi Amarnath. The film had its theatrical release on 12 July 2018.( Wikipedia  )   

Shiva the Universal cop has left the police department and has returned to his home town Cinemapatti. He is brought back in to resolve a crisis. Once the situation is handled, he is asked to join the department by the Commissioner of police., but he refuses and walks away. P, a dreaded don who poses a threat to society, kills Shiva's wife by using a bomb. Shiva is forced to rejoin the department and he tries all the possible ways to nab and destroy P.

With  main cast Mirchi Shiva , Friendly and kind .

Iswarya Menon is pretty , down to earth and friendly  humble .

Sheikh , Kim & Osama

my FBI team

Sometimes no job i play guitar with Pretty Russian doll . 

In love with Nadia's  fluffy hairs

Can visit nearby cinema and watch Tamizh Padam 2.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Review of Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation

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        Huda Beauty FauxFilter  is one of my  favourite foundation .Full coverage and cover unbalance skin tone  and pigmentation . Fauxfilter also non sticky and not oily . Totally recommend.Too bad not available in every country . Must or order online .  But you can get in Dubai Sephora 

This is one of my favourite minis lip set .

Faul Filter Chai

I really love this foundation . Look natural on my skin  .Can last 4-5 hours  . Need touch up lol.

                                              Afer filter App >.<


Friday, July 13, 2018

Dubai Beach

     This is my first time visited middle east country  during  Ramadhan . Just want to experienced  Dubai Ramadhan .

     Ramadhan month  in dubai very  strict . Non muslim not allowed to drink and eat at public place. Most restaurant closed  . Even mall restaurant closed . The weather is very HOT this time . my throat is dry .I end up stay in hotel. at least i can eat and drink water .

                                                  Marina Dubai

Here i am again . this time came alone by Tram Jumeirah Beach Resident 2  . can reach by public bus too .


                                                                    Burj Arab

I went Burj Arab by public bus . on budget since Dubai is expensive .

Atlantis Dubai
Only  see from  outside . Hope one day have chances  go there . 
I took monorail came here . 20Aed 1 way and Return 30Aed.

When i see this trees . I knew i at Middle east :)

Hi again sunset

Compensate For Deslayed or Canceled Flight

                                 Compensation for flight delay or cancellation

      Passengers in Europe and Turkey have the right to get compensated for delayed or canceled flights. Compensair is a service that helps get compensation efficiently and quickly.

What is Compensair

Compensair is a service that helps get compensation in the following cases:
  • Delayed flights;
  • Cancelled flights;
  • Denied boarding;
  • Missed connections.

A passenger can receive from €250 to €600 for problems with flights operating in Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or any other country in the European Union.
The possibility of compensation is available on the flights of all registered EU carriers. However, Compensair does not compensate for problems caused by extreme circumstances: unfavorable weather conditions, acts of terrorism, etc.
All passengers can use the services regardless of citizenship. This means that a passenger can get compensation even if he or she is not an EU or Turkish citizen. Compensair takes care of everything.
The client must sign consent form and provide information about the flight and ticket number. Furthermore, specialists will make a detailed analysis of the situation, prepare a claim and conduct a “legal dialogue” with the airline. The client is informed of all important steps by e-mail or SMS.
If the claim is successfully finished, the passenger is paid 75% of the compensation received. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dubai Public Transport

   Dubai public transport is very convenience and comfortable .You can take Dubai metro from airport . Metro is connected to Airport and walking distance . .

NOL Card
There are few cards available 

Nol Blue card is a personal card with secure e-purse . Ideal for frequent travellers
Nol Gold Nol Card  can access to Metro Class Seats  for premium charges
NOl Red Card is a paper ticket which can be loaded with 10 trips and used only one  mode of transport 

 Nol Silver Card
      If you are visitor just take  Nol silver Card. I bought the card 2 years ago 2016 . Now 2018 wow the balance still there not expired  :) .

      You cannot use cash to pay Dubai metro , Dubai Tram , Bus  and  Water buses . So you must purchase Nol Card . You can get it from any Dubai Metro ,  some bus stations or Metro Vending machine. This card is rechargeable .

                                              Dubai Metro
  As i said Dubai public transport is convenience . Yes it is . That why i like Dubai . You can go by metro to this tourist place like Burj khalifa , Dubai Mall, Mall Emirates , and etc . 

                                                                    Go Dubai

                                                Dubai Tram
     If you want go to Marina , Dubai beach  , Atlantis  and burj Arab . You can take Tram . Tram is bit pricey compared to Metro. 

     Marina and Dubai beach  is walking distance from Tram .

Dubai Bus
Bus is the most cheap transport . Full of pakistani, indian , and philippines.  Hard to see local Emirati  in bus / tram or metro . Maybe most them rich have car .Bus also go tourist place .  but i prefer go by metro more comfortable.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Elly suriati buat kecoh di mahkamah sokong Najib

     Sapa tak kenal Elly suriati pelakon dan pengarah . sudah jarang kedengaran nama elly sebab dia sekarang dibelakang tadbir .

      Memang tak dinafikan bakat lakonan akk ni memang mantap . terutama sekali bawa watak kasihan  dan watak tak siuman. semua watak dia dapat bawa. memang minat dia dulu .


Anyway setiap orang bebas memilih parti yang nak disokong .Mungkin Najib pernah tolong elly bagi dia business  support kareer dia . that why dia sokong najib .

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Cameron Highlands Trip- Bharat Tea plantation

        Been a while not visit Cameron Highlands . My last trip was 2013 .Now 2018 .We went there by  car .It took 3 hours 11 minutes to reach there . Morning was cold but not really cold compared last time . We thought the weather will be cold . But not... the weather was HOT during day time . My skin was sunburn .  Now everywhere climate changed.  Human cut the trees and destroyed the environment .This place suppose cold but now hot . Really disappointed .

                                                                   Hello sunrise

                                                                Mixed Flower

I cant open my eyes because of the sunlight

Beautiful view and Fresh air

Having fun beautiful souls .Kids are cute and innocent.

Anyway still enjoy the beautiful view and fresh air

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA

                                       Since so many positive review about this product . So I will gave a try  Visibly Targets Hyperpigment...