Friday, July 13, 2018

Compensate For Deslayed or Canceled Flight

                                 Compensation for flight delay or cancellation

      Passengers in Europe and Turkey have the right to get compensated for delayed or canceled flights. Compensair is a service that helps get compensation efficiently and quickly.

What is Compensair

Compensair is a service that helps get compensation in the following cases:
  • Delayed flights;
  • Cancelled flights;
  • Denied boarding;
  • Missed connections.

A passenger can receive from €250 to €600 for problems with flights operating in Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or any other country in the European Union.
The possibility of compensation is available on the flights of all registered EU carriers. However, Compensair does not compensate for problems caused by extreme circumstances: unfavorable weather conditions, acts of terrorism, etc.
All passengers can use the services regardless of citizenship. This means that a passenger can get compensation even if he or she is not an EU or Turkish citizen. Compensair takes care of everything.
The client must sign consent form and provide information about the flight and ticket number. Furthermore, specialists will make a detailed analysis of the situation, prepare a claim and conduct a “legal dialogue” with the airline. The client is informed of all important steps by e-mail or SMS.
If the claim is successfully finished, the passenger is paid 75% of the compensation received. 

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