Friday, July 13, 2018

Dubai Beach

     This is my first time visited middle east country  during  Ramadhan . Just want to experienced  Dubai Ramadhan .

     Ramadhan month  in dubai very  strict . Non muslim not allowed to drink and eat at public place. Most restaurant closed  . Even mall restaurant closed . The weather is very HOT this time . my throat is dry .I end up stay in hotel. at least i can eat and drink water .

                                                  Marina Dubai

Here i am again . this time came alone by Tram Jumeirah Beach Resident 2  . can reach by public bus too .


                                                                    Burj Arab

I went Burj Arab by public bus . on budget since Dubai is expensive .

Atlantis Dubai
Only  see from  outside . Hope one day have chances  go there . 
I took monorail came here . 20Aed 1 way and Return 30Aed.

When i see this trees . I knew i at Middle east :)

Hi again sunset

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  1. I have been to all these places in Dubai. Marina cruise was really an amazing experience. I think it must have been really hot during the Ramadhan month, right?


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