Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dubai Public Transport

   Dubai public transport is very convenience and comfortable .You can take Dubai metro from airport . Metro is connected to Airport and walking distance . .

NOL Card
There are few cards available 

Nol Blue card is a personal card with secure e-purse . Ideal for frequent travellers
Nol Gold Nol Card  can access to Metro Class Seats  for premium charges
NOl Red Card is a paper ticket which can be loaded with 10 trips and used only one  mode of transport 

 Nol Silver Card
      If you are visitor just take  Nol silver Card. I bought the card 2 years ago 2016 . Now 2018 wow the balance still there not expired  :) .

      You cannot use cash to pay Dubai metro , Dubai Tram , Bus  and  Water buses . So you must purchase Nol Card . You can get it from any Dubai Metro ,  some bus stations or Metro Vending machine. This card is rechargeable .

                                              Dubai Metro
  As i said Dubai public transport is convenience . Yes it is . That why i like Dubai . You can go by metro to this tourist place like Burj khalifa , Dubai Mall, Mall Emirates , and etc . 

                                                                    Go Dubai

                                                Dubai Tram
     If you want go to Marina , Dubai beach  , Atlantis  and burj Arab . You can take Tram . Tram is bit pricey compared to Metro. 

     Marina and Dubai beach  is walking distance from Tram .

Dubai Bus
Bus is the most cheap transport . Full of pakistani, indian , and philippines.  Hard to see local Emirati  in bus / tram or metro . Maybe most them rich have car .Bus also go tourist place .  but i prefer go by metro more comfortable.

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