Thursday, January 3, 2019

Apply Oman visa

     Some nationality  must apply for oman visa before go there.. The step is easy . You can apply electronic visa   thru this site ROYAL OMAN POLICE . Within 24 hrs or less you can get your visa . After get your visa approved  , print the visa .

    Visa Fee
10 days 5 Rial (single Entry)
30 days 20 Rial  (Single Entry) within 1 month
30 days 50 Rial (Multiply Entry) within 1 year

  Conditions of  the visa
-Visa must be used for entrywithin 1 month of approval
-passport must valid atleast 6 months on the entry to Oman
-The stay in Oman can be extended Once only

Welcome to OMAN


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