Saturday, February 9, 2019

Muscat Trip -Dubai to Muscat

   I went to muscat by bus from Dubai . Mwasalt bus . You can get the ticket at Deira center . By bus take time all depends on borders checking . 7-8 hrs or longest more than 10hrs .

    First check at hatta borders by Uae than Oman imigration. If you exit UAE by land you have to pay exit fee 35AED . Make sure you have exit stamp of UAE  and check again You have Entrance  stamp of OMAN.

     The bus will drop passenger at Ghubaiba , Azaiba , Muscat Airport and final stop Ruwi.I reached muscat midnight. My first time there  .Tired long journey . So i decided to take taxi  to my hotel. Becareful with oman taxi .. they dont have meter . simply charge ...slaughtered price you have to demand with them . As  my first experience and i not local and not arab.... the taxi charged me 8Rial  ...80AED for 12km journey .... Bloody expensive ... but am tired and no local number to contact my no choice  lol....

Al Ameen Mosque

                                                        My favourite view in muscat

Clear Hot spring water

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