Sunday, March 22, 2020

Movement Control order in Malaysia may extend if Fail

               This is what we don't want . But Malaysian and some tourist is stubborn. Because of some stubborn people give the rest malaysian affect. Government asked Stay home but  some still going out with family. we dont know who have the disease. Everyone is a threat .

     Not everyone is rich , some don't have savings only depends  on daily paid job.Not everyone wear same shoes . some business may bankrupt and have to closes .

    Right now some people have to give their baby normal milk susu cap junjung .I not sure my savings can last 2 months or not . 3 mouths have to feed .

    We just hope this will over soon and back to normal.

Thanks to all frontline heroes  nurses , doctors ,polices ,army , cleaners , and all involved .They are someone kids , father , mother , daughter, wife , husband  who are fighting to protect us . we should do our part . stay home  , good hygiene , use sanitizer and practise social distancing . Remember always wash hand .


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