Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How to make money during Lockdown

   This time is a hard time for everyone. Many lost income because of lockdown and movement control. 

                                                        Food Business /Homemade Food
   Some take this opportunity to do Food Business. Home cook food and hire riders runners to deliver the food.if you can cook why not take this opportunity since many shops and some restaurants close. Many people cant go out eat. Whole day work at home and stay at home for nothing make us hungry. This hungry people need food. You can cook any bake anything and just market online through social media such as Facebook markets or Instagram or hire Influencers to promote your homemade food.

    Anythings cake, cookies, popiah, breakfast, or dinner meal. Just do it if you have talents and need money. At least with this income can support you temporarily.

   This time many people worry to go out because of this virus. Maybe you can take this opportunity to work as runners. Go market help them buy their groceries and the food they want.

Yippi is another app the same as Bigo liVe. If you like to do Live video , talk, and make friend Yippi  is answer. If you Live and your audience buy you a gift, You can get cash rewards. You also can get Tips by posting your photos and Play Duck game.
So far this is my Favorite Live App. If you need extra income and cant cook. Then you can try Yippi
. After Register, you need to verify your Id and fill your bank account to get money.

If you can't cook , and don't like Live video. Maybe you can try this. Read news, watch videos, and share news. Yes by read, watch videos, and sharing news you can get earn money. You can share the news on your Facebook, WhatsApp group or status, or any social network. If someone clicks and read the news you can earn points. This points can convert to cash when you achieve full points.

If your Instagram or Facebook group has many readers. You can be reviewers or influencers. No need shy offers your services and promote yourself. No need shy tell you are available for Paid Review. Maybe some product owners or owners interested to get your services.Just Mention in your profile You are available for Paid Review or collaboration.

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