Friday, April 24, 2020

Panas dan bodoh covid-19

  Today I went to the government clinic to accompany my mom. Only 1 person allowed to go in.   So I waiting with yuri outside. Sun little hot not yet too hot because still, 9 am ++.

    One fella came .he not allow to go. Everyone has to wait outside .only his wife and baby can go in. he waiting under the tent camp. This fella noisy...',  and asked a nurse on .why, not On the fan  ...

   This fella kinda annoying. I carried my 8.5kg baby. Their other mothers with their babies .maybe for grab or husband to them.but this mother not complain any single words. But this fella complaint.

   I really want to tell him..hey dude,   if you Fan or aircond please go private clinic .you should appreciate. You only pay rm1-  rm2 and maybe free. What else want? You want the Heroes front liners to treat you like a king.

  Some of front liners to whole day outside no air-cond no fan . under the sun and rain .some need to wear astronauts costume. It's hot but not complain. You do not contribute anything. But complaint.

  This time we need to thanks and appreciated all front liners. Doctors, nurses, cleaners, polices and other frontliners...
NOT CALLED THEM BODOH., you are the one Bodoh.

  Thanks to all Front .🙏🙏🙏

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