Saturday, April 18, 2020

Rest In Peace Catherine

   Yesterday my friend told me , one of our friend passed away at home . Fever 3 days , Ambulance came and brought her body to hospital .

    we felt shocked and sad . I still remember first time met her . Her beautiful and friendly smile .She always smile any situation . Same with me .she wil try to understand someone situation .She always there when a friend need her . She willing be my lashes extension model . I am beginners . but she happy to be my models and i am comfortable and no stress  when she be my model .

  I am sorry catherine , i always postponed our meeting , now we dont chances to meet and go out again .

   Today her Covid results  out , Negative Covid-19 . So her family can see her  and bring her body to Melaka . I am sorry i cant meet you for last time because current situation .

   You have a kind hearted . Your dream to open a kindergarten  , you like kids . But now you gone . Life is short  . We don't know what gonna happen tomorrow , Be nice , Be kind  but don't let people take advantages.

    I will always remember your beautiful smile and your kind heart .Maybe true God love kind hearted  souls . That why GOD bring them first . But at least you died peaceful when you  are sleep .Some people have to suffer before died .i knew God love you more

    May your soul peaceful now .You will be missed  .

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