Thursday, April 16, 2020

Self promotion or willingness

Now days hard time for some people .Especially those daily paid workers , freelancers and business owners. 

no work no money ...yes no work no money 

Some good soul will donate and give but some of them have purpose . They just want self promotion. In return donate and promote themselves .well anyways , but as long can  help  . who care win win situation .Maybe ? 
Some not angry . why  not just give and take  you own picture  , Don't take the family or person pic. 

The real kindness is give without asking anything not because of self promotion . Some prefer to be anonymous contributors  . A giver who help but does not want to benefit from the donation.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'A Quick Reminder: That is how to give charity. Just put it in the door. Knock the door and leave. No need to take selfie with the poor family and and make them embarrassed and no need to let them know you. S JM'

Please don't take picture or selfie with the poor family or person . If you want help just help , Don't take advantage . At this situation as a human  we  need to help each others . not expect benefits 

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